Turbo Clear - Still Spirits - Treat 25 Litres

Turbo Clear - Still Spirits - Treat 25 Litres

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The Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings has been designed especially for clearing a sugar wash to remove up to 90% of the yeast, solids and compounds in your sugar wash so that it is ready to be run through a still.

Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings is designed to work fast in fact just 24 hours.  This is a 2 stage finings.  The wash needs to be fully degassed before adding the Sachet A, then left for 1 hours for sachet A to get to work, then Sachet B is added, then left for 24 hours to clear.

You can then syphon the wash off the sediment and run it through your still.  This help prevents yeast burning on the bottom of your still and creating off flavours and aromas.

Finings are used to accelerate the clearing process. The suspended solids are attracted to the fining agent due to an opposing electrical charge. The solids in the wash bind together making them heavy, thus sinking to the bottom as sediment leaving your liquor clear.

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