WineBuddy - Elderflower Wine - 7 Day Wine Kit - 6 Bottles
WineBuddy - Elderflower Wine Kit - 7 Day - 6 Bottles
WineBuddy - Elderflower Wine Kit - 7 Day - 6 Bottles

WineBuddy - Elderflower Wine Kit - 7 Day - 6 Bottles

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The WineBuddy Elderflower Wine Kit will make you 6 Bottles of white wine with a big aroma of elderflower.  Slightly sweet with a smooth mouthfeel, the elderflower shines through.  Very refreshing, slight dryness with a hint of citrus.  This is the taste of spring.

This Elderflower Wine Kit takes just 7 days to make.

Making your own Elderflower Wine Kit fruit wine at home is simple, very easy and fun. This easy to use kit will be drinkable in just 7 days! It's recommended to leave it for a couple of months though as all wines get better with age. It's worth the wait!

The only other ingredients you need are 1kg of sugar and water!

The WineBuddy homebrew kits are a cheaper option when it comes to making wine at home, so if you're a beginner then these kits are ideal to hone your technique before moving on to a more expensive kit.

The strength of the Elderflower wine will be somewhere around the 11% ABV. If you like it stronger, simply add a little more sugar.

The WineBuddy 6 bottle wine kits are excellent value for money providing you with 6x750ml bottles of good quality wine.

These small home brew wine kits are ideal for trailing new wines or for practicing perfecting your technique. You still get a nice amount of quality wine though at a cheap price.

This kit requires you to have the basic wine brewing equipment & 1kg of Sugar - Brewing sugar will give the best results.  Sugar from the supermarket will result in a sweet wine.

The WineBuddy wine homebrew kit is a fantastic fun and cheap way to make your own wine. Why not get one brewing now to open up for a special occasion? Homebrew wine makes great gifts for your family and friends, if they enjoy your brew it's extremely rewarding!

This Wine Buddy home brew kit contains:


  • Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Finings
  • Stabiliser
  • Instructions

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      Lovely wine

      Have just started making again after a few years break and the elderflower remains one of my favourites. It is very refreshing and slightly fizzy. A great buy and easy to make.

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