WineBuddy - Merlot - 7 Day Red Wine Kit - 6 Bottles
WineBuddy - Merlot Wine Kit- 7 Day - 6 Bottles
WineBuddy - Merlot Wine Kit- 7 Day - 6 Bottles

WineBuddy - Merlot Wine Kit- 7 Day - 6 Bottles

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The WineBuddy Merlot Kit will make you 6 Bottles of wine in just 7 days. A smooth, medium bodied wine, with flavours of plum, blackberries, cherries and red fruits a bit like eating a delicious slice of fruit-cake with chocolatey notes. Tip: Add 15 grams of oak chips when fermenting to add sweet spice notes of vanilla and clove along with a wonderful velvety texture.

Making your own red wine at home has never been easier! The only other ingredients you need are sugar and water!

WineBuddy is a cheaper option when it comes to making wine at home, so if you're a beginner then they are an ideal way to hone your technique before moving on to a more expensive brand.

This will be drinkable in just 7 days! It's recommended to leave it for a couple of months though as all wines get better with age. It's worth the wait!

The strength will be somewhere around the 11% ABV mark making it commercial strength. If you like it stronger though simply add less water for a higher concentrated brew and higher ABV percentage.

These kits are excellent value for money providing you with 6 750ml bottles of good quality wine at a fraction of the cost of in a supermarket. These smaller home brew wine kits are ideal for trailing new wines or for practicing and perfecting your technique.
This kit requires you to have the basic wine brewing equipment & 1kg of Sugar - Brewing sugar will give the best results.  Sugar from the supermarket will result in a sweet wine.
WineBuddy is a fantastic fun and cheap way to make your own wine. Why not get one brewing now to open up for a special occasion? They make great gifts for your family and friends, if they enjoy your brew it's extremely rewarding!

This Wine Buddy home brew kit contains:

  • Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Finings
  • Stabiliser
  • Instructions

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