When making your own home brew it is imperative that you have good quality equipment, that’s why here at Brewbitz Homebrew Shop you can buy everything you need to keep making high quality drinks. If you are using old buckets, wooden spoons, scratched funnels, etc, then its best that you replace them such that there are no places for bacteria to hide. We all know that those nasty bugs can cause an amazing brew to turn rancid!

Keeping your equipment clean with a top quality steriliser will help, and remember to sterilise everything before and after use to help keep your brewing gear at its best for as long as possible. So, take a look at our range of kegs, bottles, cleaning brushes, corkers, buckets, filter and testing equipment you may need when making your homebrew beer or wine. If you need any advice on the equipment or how to use it, then just contact us on 01225 448080  and we’ll be happy to offer any guidance we can.

Homebrew Equipment

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