Cellar 7 - Chardonnay - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit
Cellar 7 - Chardonnay - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit info
Cellar 7 - Chardonnay - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit ingredients

Cellar 7 - Chardonnay - 30 Bottle White Wine Kit

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This Cellar 7 Chardonnay 7 Day Wine Kit will make you 30 bottles of superb tasting Chardonnay.

With a pale, golden colour this homebrew Cellar 7 Chardonnay is medium dry, rich and silky. The subtle hints of peach, citrus and tropical fruits will take your taste buds on an adventure.  Tip: - Try adding 15grams of oak chips to the fermenting wine to add extra flavours of vanilla, butter, pineapple and victoria sponge.

As a perfect companion for chicken or fish dishes, it is appropriate for many occasions.

The strength will be somewhere around the 12% ABV mark. If you like it stronger though just add less water for a higher concentrated brew.

Fermenting will only take 7 days! However, with any wine it gets better with age so be patient and let it mature away for a couple of months, it'll be worth it and will taste much better.

30 bottle kits are excellent value for money providing you with 30 750ml bottles of a good quality at a fraction of the cost of in a supermarket. Cheap and quality, ideal for parties, socialising or just drinking for less at home.

No extra sugar is required as this is a premium all inclusive package. Basic brewing equipment is required. You will need a 25 litre fermentation bucket with a drilled lid or a wide neck fermenter. If you don't have any wine making kit then check out our homebrew wine equipment package.

This homebrew wine kit contains:

  • Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Yeast Nutrients
  • Wine Yeast
  • Fining Agents
  • Stabiliser

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