John Bull - Lager - 40 Pint Beer Kit
John Bull - Lager - 40 Pint Beer Kit
John Bull - Lager - 40 Pint Beer Kit
John Bull - Lager - 40 Pint Beer Kit

John Bull - Lager - 40 Pint Beer Kit

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Make 40 pints of traditional lager with the John Bull Lager beer kit.  Clean and crisp, light malty, slight sweetness with a balanced light bitterness.

A strength of around 4.5% abv. 

If you like your John Bull Lager a bit stronger then you can simply add less water to the fermentation process. Try adding just 32 pints instead of 40 for a stronger, fuller bodied brew. Making the stronger alternative will give you a lager at around the 6% abv mark.

Easy, step-by-step instructions with details for both bottling and kegging means you'll have your lager brewing away in no time.

After around 3-4 weeks your John Bull Lager would be drinkable but leave it longer for a much better flavour and maturity. It would be good bottled with sugar or some Coopers Carbonation Drops so it can condition and become fizzy.

When you pour it make sure it's ice cold!

This kit will also require one of the following:
a - 1kg of Brewing Sugar (supermarket sugar will work, but it will cause the finished beer to be sweet)
b - 1kg of Beer Enhancer.  A mixture of brewing sugar and light spraymalt.  This will give the finished beer a good body and mouth feel.
c - 1.2kg of Liquid Malt Extract.  This will give the best finished beer with a smooth body, full flavour and good head retention.

You will also need basic brewing equipment such as: a bucket; siphon; steriliser; thermometer & hydrometer to brew this John Bull ingredient kit.


Included in this kit:

  • Malt Extract - 1 Can
  • Brewing Yeast
  • Instructions

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