Orange Wine Recipe

A zesty, fruity, citrus wine, with an orange colour.  Really refreshing and made now will be ready to be served cold on a hot summers day in a sugar rimmed cocktail glass, with a slice of orange on the side.
This is a really quick wine to make, but it will need to sit for 6 months in the bottles to get to it's best.

4lb Oranges - Really Ripe
3lb sugar
1 gallon (8 pints) boiling water
1 tsp All purpose white wine yeast
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 tsp Pectic Enzyme
1 tsp Tannin (or 1 cup stewed tea)
1 tsp Rohapect Enzyme (helps the colour out of the oranges)
Muslin /  Straining Bag
Fermentation Stopper

1 - Slice the oranges into rounds about 1cm thick.
2 - Sprinkle over the Rohapect Enzyme
3 - Pour over the 3lb of sugar & Stir.
4 - Leave for 24 hours this helps pull the juice, flavour and colour from the oranges.
5 - Pour over the gallon (8 pints) of boiling water & give them a good stir.
6 - Make sure all of the sugar is dissolved.
7 - Cover and leave to cool to 20°C.
8 - Add the pectolase & yeast nutrient and stir.
9 - Take a sample and a reading with your hydrometer and keep this safe
10 - Then sprinkle on the yeast.
11 - Loosely put the lid on and put it into a warm cupboard (20°C)
12 - Every day lift the lid and stir with a sterilised spoon.
13 - After 7 days, strain using the muslin into a sterilised Demi-John & pop in the airlock.
14 - Put this back into your warm place (20°C) until no more bubbles pass through the airlock. Approx 2 weeks.
15 - Once fermentation is complete, check with a hydrometer it should be below 1.000.
16 - Rack off into a clean Demi-John.
17 - Add the fermentation stopper to the wine (as per the instructions on the packet) and replace the airlock.
18 - Swirl the wine around in the demi-john. You will notice lots of bubbles and gas being released.  This is trapped CO2. This needs to be removed to aid the clearing process.
19 - Swirl the wine around in the demi-john 3 more times, swirling for 30 seconds and then leaving to settle for 10 minutes in between swirlings.
20 - Put the demi-john somewhere cool for 2 days (preferably below 18°C) to allow the Fermentation Stopper to kill any remaining yeast - swirling once daily.
21 - After 2 days, add the Finings (as per the instructions on the packet), then put the demi-john somewhere cool and where it won’t be disturbed for 2 weeks (preferably below 18°C) to allow the wine to clear.
22 - Once clear, take the final hydrometer reading. This will tell you the ABV % of your finished wine.
23 - Bottle and ideally leave for 6 months for its full flavour potential to be reached.