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- Yes, Some Warmth - 

They say good things come to those that wait, and this year we have waited a long time for a period of warmth. Well the weather forecasters are saying its here!
So get ready for the flowers to really spring into life.  Get out there and get picking Dandelions, Elderflowers and Rhubarb and get brewing. 
Forecast for Frome Courtesy of BBC Weather

- Get Ready - 

It's great to get out there and get picking, only to get home and open a pot to find it's empty, or passed it best before date, it has turned to a solid block, or worse, you can't find the yeast you you thought you had in the cupboard.
Now, as any good scout leader, I like to be prepared, so now's the time to check your cupboards, drawers and check your ingredients, so you don't get caught out.

There aren't many homebrew shops left in the UK and just popping to your local homebrew shop now might mean a 100 mile round trip, so even more reason to be prepared. 
Choose Your Yeast To Compliment Your Finished Wine
There are lots of strains of yeast and yes they all eat sugar and turn it to alcohol, but they do other things too. Yeast don't just eat sugar, they eat other compounds too, and this is part of what makes different strains make different flavours, aromas, body and textures. Choose your yeast to add extra complexity to your finished wine. And you don't have to use wine yeast for wine and beer yeast for beer, you can swap things around and you can even use multiples yeast in the same fermentation.
Shop Additives for Brewing
Campden tablets subdue natural yeast, so the pitched yeast is dominant while preventing oxidisation.
Acids lower pH, increase zing, body & feel.
Treat the water to enhance different qualities.
Oak to add extra flavour and tannins.
Chalk reduces acidity if it is too tart.
Concentrated grape juice to add extra body and flavour.
Nutrient to help the yeast work efficiently.
Shop for Pectolase
Pectolase does 2 main things; it breaks down pectin to help prevent a hazy finished wine; and it splits cells open to release their colour and flavour.
Use it at the beginning of the recipe with fruit to get the best of both worlds.
You can add it at any time pre, during and post fermentation if your finished wine is hazy.
Shop for Sterilisers
It's important to make sure that you sterilise your equipment, especially at the beginning as this is when most infections occur.  An infection can cause a few issues including soured wine, slimy wine, off flavours and browning to name a few. Once the yeast have created some alcohol, the chance of infection reduces greatly.
Shop Our Brewing Ingredients
If you find the product you want is out of stock, you may be able to pre-order it. We usually get more stocks weekly, so it won't be long to wait, but for placing a pre-order, we are giving a 5% discount on selected products.
Pre-Order discounts are on selected items only and the discount will only be shown when a product is available for pre-order on the product page.
If you want a product that is out of stock and not available for pre-order, please contact for availability and we may be able to pre-order it for you. 
5% Off Selected Pre-Order Items
Browse All Our Products At Brewbitz
New Cider Kit
It's not often we get a new cider kit, so imagine our excitement at getting a new one.
As Youngs have refreshed their Harvest range of beer kits, they have decided to add a cider kit to the range.
We have yet to make this kit as it only arrived yesterday, but we'll be on it soon, with a quick video too and a quick taste test video too - watch this space...
But for now, if you want to get one going, there are available by clicking the button below.
Youngs Harvest Cider Kit
Buy a Youngs Harvest Cider Kit
Wine Kits
If you prefer more traditional wine flavours, then check out our large range of wine kits.
We have wine kits that allow you to make wine in just 7 days (it's best if then left to bottle mature for at least a month), all the way up to premium quality wine kits that take up to 8 weeks to make, which should be bottle matured for at least 6 months (remember, good things come to those that wait).
Take a look at the full range and see what takes your fancy.
Shop Our Range of Wine Kits
Shop Our Range of Wine Kits
Beer Kits
Summer is coming. That means chilling with a cold beer in the garden.
Check out our large range of beer kits in pretty much every style there is.
Easy to make and ready to bottle in just 7-10 days and then ready to drink 2-4 weeks after bottling. What are you waiting for, get a beer on ready for the summer BBQ's.
Shop Our Range of Beer Kits
Shop Our Range of Beer Kits
This Months Recipe
Potato Wine
There aren't many fruits in season right now, and although there are lots of flower wines, potatoes are plentiful right now, so why not use them to make wine.  They are made to make vodka, so why not have a go at potato wine!
Potato Wine Recipe
Lets Get Brewing!
To make 6 bottles of Potato Wine, you will need...
2kg Potatoes
1.5kg Sugar - 50% Supermarket (granulated) sugar and 50% Brewing Sugar
250ml White Wine Enhancer
25g Oak Chips Lightly Toasted
45g Citra Hops (optional)
1tsp Amylase
1tsp Pectolase
1/4tsp Acid Blend
Fermentation Stopper
Wine Finings
Yeast Nutrient
All Purpose White Wine Yeast
Equipment: (We have a fruit wine starter kit if needed for £25)
Stock Pot / Large Saucepan
Cleaner and Steriliser
Brewing Bucket
Demi-John with Air-Lock
Muslin or a Straining Bag
Bottles Corks Corker

1 - Wash the potatoes and chop into 1 inch chunks - leaving the skin on.

2 - Put the potatoes in a stock pot and add 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of cold water.

If your stock pot is not big enough, then you can use multiple saucepans and put in enough water to cover the potatoes.  We can top up to the desired amount later.

3 - Put on the heat and bring the temperature of the water to 68°C

4 - Keep the potatoes simmering at 68°C for 30 minutes. 

As we are not boiling them, they should hold their shape.  But if they start to turn to mush, move to the next step early.

Read the Full Potato Wine Recipe on Brewbitz.
Read the Full Potato Wine Recipe on Brewbitz
That’s all from us for now.
We'll be bringing you some new recipes and videos for beer and wine in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.
In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or questions about brewing, feel free to get in touch.

Until next time - Happy Brewing
Stay Safe.
& Drink Responsibly.

Happy Brewing!

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