Potato Wine Recipe

2kg Potatoes
1.5kg Sugar - 50% Supermarket (granulated) sugar and 50% Brewing Sugar
250ml White Wine Enhancer
1 Lemon (sliced)
25g Oak Chips (lightly toasted)
25g Citra Hops (optional)
1tsp Amylase
1tsp Pectolase
Fermentation Stopper
Yeast Nutrient
All Purpose White Wine Yeast

Equipment: (We have a fruit wine starter kit if needed for £25)
Brewing Bucket
Demi-John with Air-Lock
Muslin or Straining Bag
Bottles Corks Corker

1 - Wash the potatoes and chop into 1 inch chunks
2 - Put the potatoes in a stock pot and add 1 gallon of cold water
3 - Put on the heat and bring the temperature of the water to 65°C
4 - Keep the potatoes simmering at 65°C for 30 minutes. 
(if they start to turn to mush, move to the next step early.
5 - Strain off the liquid into a fermenting bucket - Remember we want the liquid!
6 - Add the sugar to the hot water and stir until dissolved
7 - Add the Lemon & Oak Chips
8 - Top up to 1 Gallon with cold tap water and leave to cool to 20°C
9 - Add the wine enhancer, Amylase, Pectolase, yeast nutrient and stir.
10 - Take a hydrometer reading and keep for later.
11 - Add the yeast and stir.
12 - Pop on the lid of the bucket loosely as this wine is likely to froth up and ferment vigorously.
13 - After 5 days, add the hops (in a muslin bag) to the wine and leave for 2 more days.
14 - Siphon into a demi-john and ferment to dryness.
15 - Once fermentation is complete, rack off the sediment into a clean, sterilised demi-john & add the fermentation stopper.  Swirl four times a day for 2 days.
16 - Leave to clear and then bottle.
17 - Store for 6 months and then pop open a bottle and enjoy!

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