Simply - Export Stout - 40 Pint Beer Kit

Simply - Export Stout - 40 Pint Beer Kit

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Simply Export Stout Beer Kit has a traditional stout flavour with flavours of dark chocolate, coffee, with aromas of dark stone fruits, with a gentle dry bitterness all sitting on a rich malty base.

Although the packaging and the name make this look like a basic kit, there is actually a lot of flavour in this Simply Bitter beer kit. It has 1.8kg of liquid malt extract which is equivalent to one of the large can beer kits. Use it to make 40 pints of Simply Export Stout

Follow the simple instructions and in around 10 days you'll be able to barrel or bottle 40 pints of Simply Export Stout.  This beer will be approx 4.5% abv.

Detailed instructions on how to make this beer kit are on the back of the pouch.

This kit has 1.8kg of malt extract in the pouch and the sachet of yeast is stuck to the bottom of the pouch.

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This kit will also require one of the following - we recommend using Beer Enhancer or the Liquid Malt Extract as we feel this gives the best finished beer - :

a - 1kg of Brewing Sugar (supermarket sugar will work, but it will cause the finished beer to be sweet)
b - 1kg of Beer Enhancer.  A mixture of brewing sugar and Light spraymalt.  This will give the finished beer a good body and mouth feel.
c - 1.2kg of Liquid Malt Extract.  This will give the best finished beer with a smooth body, full flavour and good head retention.

You will also need basic brewing equipment such as: a bucket; siphon; steriliser; thermometer & hydrometer to brew this ingredient kit.

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