Email - Sent on 28/02/2024

Email - Sent on 28/02/2024

A copy of our email sent on 28th Feb. 

10 out of 10 ¦ First Shoots ¦ Simply is still cheap.

Our no boil kits received great review

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- FebuENDary - 

Luckily the end of February is here! Who would have thought I could put so many 3 letter words in February? So much all crammed into 29 days. So much rain that is for us here in Somerset - 218mm and still 2 days to  go...
Spring is coming, so the first shoots of rhubarb will be ready to pick - wine or crumble, it's such a hard choice!

We had a great surprise last week when were were told that 2 of our no boil beer kits had been reviewed and (Spoiler Alert) both scored top marks! but more on that in a mo...
Simply Beer Kits Discount 
The Simply Beer Kits are still on offer and what a great price for what is a simple kit, but what they lack in name, they more than make up for in flavour.
We recommend using beer enhancer, or a liquid malt extract to really help boost the body but these do exactly as they say on the pouch, they do it really well and at this price, unbeatable!
But hurry, it's only while stocks last.
Simply Beer Kits from £9.99
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No Boil Beer Kits 10/10!
Our No Boil Kits Receive TOP Marks
If you are used to making beer from grain, then you'll know that the boil is a integral part of the brewing process.  But is it?  NO! The reasons to boil are no longer there, our water is drinkable and the small number of microbes that are present in tap water are mostly killed during the mash and those that do survive are killed almost as soon as the yeast begin to make alcohol.  Some may argue that it causes chemical reactions during the boil, but is the boil needed?
Well, we have shocked two experienced beer tasters with our no boil process and beers, with both the New England IPA and the Pilton Pride Best Bitter getting top marks 10/10 in their tasting review.
Check out what the boys (Dave & Alan) had to say about our no boil beers on their Dog & Partridge YouTube channel.
Don't just take our word for it, they really do taste great!
Dog and Partridge Review Brewbitz No Boil Beer Kits
Dog and Partridge Review Brewbitz No Boil Beer Kits
Shop Our No Boil All Grain Beer Kits
Cider Time
Living in Somerset, cider is pretty much everywhere, from massive cider makers to small independent brewers, fizzy, still, super dry to super sweet, as nature intended to ciders flavoured with chocolate, we've got pretty much every cider you can imagine.
But it's still fun to make your own at home, great on a hot summers day, awesome when used to cook a gammon joint, or just to chill with on an evening, cider is too easy drinking, so here are some kits we think you need to try making at home..
Festival Oaked Apple Cider Kit
Now I do like making this kit.  It comes with a bag of freeze dried hedgerow fruits to add extra flavours and then the oak chips add vanilla and a buttery smoothness. But it is strong at over 7%.
Festival Oaked Apple
Mangrove Jacks Apple Cider Kit
Mangrove Jacks have a few ciders in the range and I like making this one.  It's a light cider with a gentle acidity that gets the mouth watering. Easy drinking and you can add as much of the sweetener as you like.
Mangrove Jacks Apple Cider
On The Rocks Cider Kit
I like making this kit as it's a rich, dark cider that has some toffee notes coming through. It has extra flavouring if you think it needs it, but I like to make this kit with extra apple juice.
On The Rocks Cider
John Bull Country Cider
My favourite is the John Bull Country Cider, 2 cans with no extra sugar gives lots of apple flavours, crisp, a slight tartness, mouth wateringly refreshing and easy drinking at around 5%.
John Bull Country Cider
Shop Our Range of Cider Kits
This Months Recipe
Orange Wine
Orange Wine is delicious on a hot summers day, full of lovely citrus aromas, you'll be surprised how the orange flavour changes to become more subtle, and some red berry fruits come from nowhere.
Serve it chilled on a hot summers day, or add some tonic water, ice, slices of orange, some chunks of pear, even some chunks of banana and turn it into an orange wine sangria - Summer!

If you can, use blood oranges for an amazing coloured wine! But any oranges will do (including satsumas). But please don't use Seville (marmalade) Oranges!!!
Use Oranges to Make Orange Wine
Lets Get Brewing!
To make 6 bottles of Orange Wine, you will need...
4lb Oranges - Really Ripe
3lb sugar - 75% Supermarket (granulated) sugar and 25% Brewing Sugar
8 pints boiling water
1 tsp All purpose white wine yeast
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 tsp Pectic Enzyme
1 tsp Tannin
1 tsp Rohapect Enzyme (helps the colour out of the oranges)
Fermentation Stopper
Equipment: (We have a fruit wine starter kit if needed for £25)
Brewing Bucket
Demi-John with Air-Lock
Muslin or Straining Bag
Bottles Corks Corker
1 - Grate off the orange rind, leaving the white pith, now peel the oranges and discard the pith.  Slice the oranges and add the slices and the grated rind to the brewing bucket.
2 - Sprinkle over the Rohapect Enzyme
3 - Pour over the 3lb of sugar & Stir.
4 - Leave for 24 hours this helps pull the juice, flavour and colour from the oranges.
5 - Pour over the gallon (8 pints) of boiling water & give them a good stir.
6 - Make sure all of the sugar is dissolved.
7 - Cover and leave to cool to 20°C.

There are quite a few more steps to this recipe, so follow this link to our Orange Wine Recipe on Brewbitz.
Orange Wine Recipe
That’s all from us for now.
We'll be bringing you some new recipes and videos for beer and wine in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.
In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or questions about brewing, feel free to get in touch.

Until next time - Happy Brewing
Stay Safe.
& Drink Responsibly.

Happy Brewing!

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